Below are various resources that we use in our ministry.

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The following links provide the PDF, audio messages that are used as resources in the Foundations and D-Group Manuals:


Character of God pt. 1/Bill Ewing (38:20)

Optional: Character of God pt. 2/Bill Ewing (58:37)

Assurance, Acceptance, and Forgiveness/Mike Huber (32:50)

How to Have a Quiet Time/Max Barnett (25:11)

Optional: Who Is A Disciple/Gene Warr (57:44)

How to Pray/Bill Bright (27:48)

Building Satisfying Relationships  (35:09)

Scripture Memory/Max Barnett (27:29)


Discipleship 1

D-1 Manual

Motivation Seminar/Brenda Randall (49:06)

Vision of Disciplemaking 1/LeRoy Eims (47:30)

Open Nerve Evangelism/LeRoy Eims (1:03:42)

Answering Basic Questions About Christ/Bill Kraftson (1:01:53)

Breaking Sound Barriers/Ryan McReynolds (1:11:54)

Discipleship 2

D-2 Manual

Becoming A Teachable Learner/Harold Bullock (44:24)

Using Your Head/Harold Bullock (35:01)

Stewardship of Love/Janelle Weeks (45:59)

Leadership 1

L-1 Manual

Yardwork Laundry and Other Acts of Greatness/Bob Brandon (20:14)

Pacesetting/Walt Henrichsen (1:04:30)

Developing Character/Howard Hendricks (43:07)

Developing Convictions/Howard Hendricks (1:14:43)

Leadership 2

L-2 Manual

Born to Reproduce/Dawson Trotman (45:16)

Life Objective/Gene Warr (53:32)

Ministry Philosophy and Strategy/Max Barnett (56:18)

The following links provide the video messages that are used as resources in the D-group manuals:

Enjoying Satisfying Relationships in a Group part 1 (60:16)

Enjoying Satisfying Relationships in a Group part 2 (15:48)

Handling Hard Relationships (37:49)

Problem Solving Workshop part 1 (60:40)

Problem Solving Workshop part 2 (33:51)

Using Spiritual Armor (36:37)

Additional Audios

How to Walk in Victory/John Crawford (59:52)

Obedience/LeRoy Eims (34:28)

How to Share Your Testimony/Max Barnett (25:52)