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Every year, Giving Tuesday encourages people all over the world to give to vital causes in a unified effort of generosity.
This year Giving Tuesday has been moved up due to the various needs caused by the COVID-19 crisis. In spite of many students being scattered from their campuses, Jesus is still at work and Campus Ventures has continued to minister to and serve these students.
Many of you have been impacted by Campus Ventures and today you have an opportunity to multiply this impact in another student’s life. Will you partner with us in continuing to teach these students to be devoted disciple-makers of Jesus during these uncertain times?
When you’re ready just click DONATE:

Why Do We Do This?

Did you know that just 1-2% of the world’s entire population is in enrolled in college and universities right now? While that may sound small (and it is), this 1-2% will go on to leadership positions in government, business, medicine, science and education.

FCD/Campus Ventures is positioned on campuses in Wyoming and South Dakota. It is our passion to raise up the next generation of Christian makers of disciple makers who will have an impact in government, business, medicine, science, and education, as well as missionaries and church lay leaders.