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Medders, Dave dave.medders@campusventures.org years served: 1976 to present, UW

Gilpin, Glenn, 12716 Forest St., Thornton, CO 80241 glenn@village-baptist.org years attended: 1976 to 1980 and also served on staff in early 90’s, UW

Foster, Jack, PO Box 215, McNeal, AZ 85617;  jack_foster@ntm.org, years attended/served: 1978-1982, UW; Comment: “God grew me a lot during my years in BSU at UW and really expanded my vision for a world that is going to hell without a saving knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ. I’ll never forget the fellowship and the times of spiritual equipping during my four years at UW.


Hall, Jack jack.hall@campusventures.org years attended/served: 1987 to Present, UW, BHSU

Messmer, Chuck chuck.messmer@gmail.com, years attended CV: 87-92, UW

Messmer, Kerry kerry2368@gmail.com years attended CV: 86-92, UW

Sheesley, Rick sheesley@pobox.com years attended CV: 83-84, UW;  Comment: “I continue to be thankful for the growth and vision I gained in the group while at the U of Wyo.  It was the start of more focused training from God and continues to have an impact on my life.  I have many fond memories of those times!”

Kraske, Chad manowisdom@comcast.net years attended CV: 84-89, Laramie; Comment: “Glad to see you have never stopped doing for the students what you did for us.”


Cudney, Jeff  jeffcudney@hotmail.com UW

Flint, Mark  mark.flint@campusventures.org years attended/served: 1995 – 2009, BHSU

Johnson, Jeffrey  jeffrey.jmail@gmail.com

Lyon, Scott lyons@rushmore.com years attended CV: 1997-2001, BHSU

Randall, Brenda  brenda.randall@campusventures.org years attended/served 1995 to present, BHSU


Dunlap, Robert  bobby.dunlap@gmail.com CC

McVey, Teri  thehair30@hotmail.com,  years attended/served 2001 to present, CC

Carter, Seth & Mary seth.carter@campusventures.org, CV directors at Northwest, years attended 2002-2004, NWCC

Anderson, Eric; 7200 Triana Pl. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114  eric.jace@gmail.com, years attended 90’s & 2000’s, UW

Backhaus, Brett; 325 E Anamosa St, Rapid City, SD 57701 brett.backhaus@gmail.com, years attended 2006-2008, BH

Shepard, Brian; 12158 W Dorado Pl #307, Littleton, CO 80127 Bshep08@yahoo.com, years attended 2010-2013, UW