Life is difficult and we want to help you figure out how Jesus can impact our everyday lives.

Campus Ventures offers a large group meeting on campus every Wednesd17842172_1477071742306101_1325622899_nay night at 7:00 in the Physical Science Building room 103 (Wheeler Auditorium) during the school year. It is open to anyone who would like to join in an evening of hanging out, singing, and Biblical input. After Hours we get together for fun, food and friendship. Check our Facebook for more information.

We also have a number of small groups as a part of the discipleship process. They meet at times that fit your schedule.

Spring break allows us to engage in a project to assist locally. Summer projects are available in SE Asia or Project Impact in Denver.

Your journey is just beginning here at Casper College. We want to prepare you for the life, family and career God has for you. We hold strongly to the adage “Figuring out life and Faith,” allow us to join you!

Also, meet our director and the wonderful staff that will assist students while at Casper College, University of Wyoming Casper and North Dakota State-Casper!

If you know of anyone that is at Casper College or coming to Casper College and might want to be involved, let us know.