Campus Ventures was founded in 1991 as an inter-denominational college organization created for the purpose of helping students interested in becoming more like Christ. The New Testament provides an example of mentoring and discipleship. This method of spiritual development was and is what makes Campus Ventures unique. Since the organization’s inception it has been directed by Dave Medders, until his retirement in May 2006. Jack Hall has since taken the helm as director. Campus Ventures has grown to expand throughout the region. Colleges with Campus Ventures include the University of Wyoming, Casper College, Northwest College, Black Hills State University, Sheridan College and Western Nebraska Community College. Campus Ventures has been on several campuses in San Luis Potosi, Mexico since 2000 and started a campus ministry there in 2006.  In 1997 Campus Ventures entered into a partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ.

The Foundation For Christian Discipleship began in 1988 as a governing board of Campus Ventures and a valuable asset to the church community and lay people. The objectives in creating the Foundation is to provide accountability for Campus Venture’s staff, administrative support and proper management of time and material resources. The board has consisted of community members ranging from stock brokers to pastors in the positions of president, director, trustee board member or advisory/reference member. In the early 90’s the Foundation also adopted the duties of assisting college graduates in their post-collegiate spiritual growth and ministry as they discipled others. The board has also adopted the task of distributing contributions to those wishing to be supported in their missionary or seminary endeavors. And, recently the Foundation has begun to assist local churches develop their discipleship materials.